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Eyyy nice art there my man, still feels a bit alien seeing people do art of my game, still a very nice feeling though. Appreciate it


Hey just played this in an arcade box at ACen in Chicago! Loved it, great work so far!

Ey man, glad you liked it, Hylics fans are bros.

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Crashes with an unhandled excpetion when I try to load a save. Here is the dump.

Damn it.. Thanks for the dump, gonna look into it asap

What level did you save from and what level did you load from?

Loaded from the menu, and saved right before the ninja fight.


Fixed it, thanks my man



good game, Its pretty slow at the start, maybe introduce the combat earlier. It stopped responding when I tried to save for the second time, when I was heading out at night. Keep it up.

Took me a while to realize I had to press enter and not left click to go through the story events. Combat seems interesting and I very much enjoy that you can cut pretty much anything in your path too. Can't really comment on the story events. Good luck.